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Cutting Edge Technology

Although check payments are on the decline, billions of checks are still written every year. Until checks disappear completely, credit unions need a robust, state-of-the-art check processing solution. TranzCapture is that end-to-end solution. Services include share draft processing, packed with back-office efficiencies to streamline operations and boost member service, and a full suite of next-generation deposit capture, deposit processing and fraud protection services.

TranzCapture is an all-in-one solution combining innovative technology with advanced features and risk controls for superior user functionality.

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Strategic Advantages

Delivering strategic advantages is what we do. Credit unions leverage TranzCapture's consolidated infrastructure to take advantage of a large scale operation and capabilities, without the significant resources that accompany in-house payment systems. With TranzCapture, credit unions have access to consolidator servers, image archives and significant business continuity framework – backed by the expertise necessary to deliver payment services and maintain NCUA and FFIEC compliance.

Next-Generation Check Processing

TranzCapture is a credit union-owned, credit union-focused, 21st century payment services solution.

Deposit Capture Features & Benefits

When it comes to deposit capture, it's not about a one-size-fits-all solution. TranzCapture is different. The suite of deposit services is stacked with intuitive, time-saving features and offers frontline fraud protection. Credit unions have flexibility to select deposit services with options that meet their needs.

  • Internet-based platform with fast and easy deployment
  • Single point of access for all deposit services through corporate credit union’s member portal
  • Flexible deposit risk review settings
  • Shared branching returns routed to proper credit union with Branch and Teller Capture
  • Automated entry of dollar amounts (CAR/LAR technology)
  • Check MICR data automatically accepted from scanner or OCR
  • Real-time duplicate item detection across all deposit channels
  • Presence of signature verification with Branch or Business Capture
  • MICR correction performed for you
  • Real-time and batch fraud protection services across all deposit channels
  • No consolidation or file preparation required
  • Self-service item/batch deletion of deposit items throughout the day
  • Numerous query features to facilitate research
  • Robust reporting
  • Convenient, timely access to deposit return images
  • Adjustment resolution and same-day viewing online
  • Seven-year image archive online 24/7
  • Interactive, web-based training
  • Expert support team for implementation and ongoing assistance, available extended hours
  • Foreign item image capture and archive

Check Processing Features & Benefits

Streamline your check processing operations, improve your back-office efficiencies, and create a more satisfying member experience with TranzCapture share draft processing.

  • Internet-based single point of access 
  • Seven-year image archive online 24/7
  • Member access to check images through a link in mobile banking, Internet banking and e-statements
  • Direct handling of all adjustments
  • Reject re-entry and repair of damaged share drafts before the credit union's posting file is transmitted
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