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Deposit Services

TranzCapture is built just for credit unions, with significant input from credit unions, resulting in a best-of-breed suite of services.


ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture

TranzCapture enables members to make deposits at image-enabled automated teller machines, interactive teller machine video terminals, and intelligent kiosks. This technology minimizes branch traffic and offers added member convenience. With TranzCapture ATM/ITM/Intelligent Kiosk Capture services, credit unions can automate deposits, thereby reducing manual processes and improving accuracy.

  • Increased member convenience with decreased branch traffic costs
  • Automated secure image files transmitted for real-time processing
  • Consolidated back office reporting and research
  • Expedited processing and collection
  • Enhanced risk-mitigation features with flexible deposit review settings for location, batch count, batch amount and single item amount

Mobile Capture

With the TranzCapture Mobile Capture service, members can deposit checks from any smartphone, tablet or other mobile device. Members use the device's camera to capture an image of the front and back of the check. Images are immediately transmitted for processing or put in a queue for additional validation by the credit union. The on-the-go access of Mobile Capture empowers members and expedites deposits.

  • Integration with nearly 20 mobile banking providers
  • End-to-end convenience for credit unions and members
  • Immediate image quality determination
  • Robust reporting with check images
  • Credit unions may set up groups for common review criteria, such as batch count, batch amount, daily count, daily amount, single amount and scan limit

Branch Capture

The Branch Capture service enables credit unions to scan and electronically transmit check images for processing from one or two centrally-based workstations within a branch. TranzCapture verifies the image quality, reads the item amount, and securely transmits the image and data file for processing, image archival and check collection.

  • Savings bonds image collection
  • Items cleared over the counter can be scanned as “image only” and archived for online access
  • Administration module displays deposit activity by teller, branch and number of items
  • Consolidated check collection and settlement activity
  • Foreign item image capture and archive

Business Capture

TranzCapture Business Capture enables credit union business members and select employee groups (SEGs) to scan checks and transmit them directly for processing, clearing and collection. The credit union has the ability to review, modify or delete items/batches before they are processed.

  • Other than a scanner driver, there is no program software to install at the member business
  • Online deposit history with images available to the member business
  • Flexible risk mitigation allows credit unions to control item review parameters for a range of variables and update them at any time
  • Times may be set for automatic generation of posting files
  • Credit unions have flexibility to manage a host of settings based on individual business criteria

Teller Capture

Teller Capture offers the efficiencies and convenience of capturing the deposit transaction data at the teller window. Real-time processing at each teller window reduces fraud, resolves potential errors while members are still present and eliminates time-consuming batch processing at the end of the day.

  • Skip the core processor interface for exceptional service at the lowest cost OR benefit from the efficiencies of core integration (currently available for Corelation, Sharetec and Jack Henry Symitar clients)
  • Adjustable daily cut-off times by branch
  • Depositing member's account number can be associated with each deposit to expedite research



Share Draft Processing

In addition to deposit services, the TranzCapture service suite also includes share draft processing capabilities. The share draft service consolidates in-clearing and serves as a single source for processing, settlement and liquidity. Credit unions can streamline check processing operations, maximize back office efficiencies and boost member satisfaction with TranzCapture share draft processing.

  • Internet-based single point of access 
  • Seven-year image archive online 24/7
  • Member access to check images through a link in mobile banking, Internet banking and e-statements
  • Direct handling of all adjustments
  • Reject re-entry and repair of damaged share drafts before the credit union's posting file is transmitted

Built For Risk Mitigation

When it comes to check processing, the difference is in the details, because everyday efficiencies can help decrease deposit risk and boost member service. TranzCapture’s robust suite of features provides enhanced risk mitigation and early fraud detection capabilities, allowing credit union resources to be focused elsewhere.

Consolidated administration across all channels offers credit union users considerable convenience and expansive item review options for risk mitigation.

TranzCapture 02

Custom Risk Review Settings

A review queue allows tellers to set aside items for additional evaluation. Credit unions may elect to review all deposited items, no items, or items above specific dollar amounts, from new accounts and other criteria established during implementation.


Advanced Fraud Protection

Real-time warnings across all deposit channels for potentially fraudulent items enable credit unions to stop fraud in its tracks, before items are accepted for deposit. Early notification enables credit union staff to enact internal guidelines or place a hold on the deposit account.

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