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About Us

Established in 2015, TranzCapture, LLC is a credit union service organization (CUSO) established to provide software services. The organization is a partnership among five of the nation's largest corporate credit unions: Texas-based Catalyst Corporate Federal Credit Union, Illinois-based Alloya Corporate Federal Credit Union, Ohio-based Corporate One Federal Credit Union, North Carolina-based Vizo Financial Corporate Credit Union and Tennessee-based Volunteer Corporate Credit Union. The partnership represents more than 4,000 credit unions – approximately 75 percent of all credit unions nationwide – creating the largest credit union item processor in the United States.

What Makes TranzCapture Different?

It's the collective, credit union-centered ownership of TranzCapture that enables control of system design, ongoing service enhancements and favorable pricing – so credit unions get the operational support they need and members get the service excellence they want from a checking solution. The aggregated volume of check processing ensures economies of scale and drives down costs, which is important in today's declining check environment.

TranzCapture, LLC is a credit union service organization that was established to provide industry-leading software.

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